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The force of evidence.

In Philosophy, The Examined Life on April 2, 2012 at 3:03 pm

I embrace Camus: “Man is that force which ultimately cancels all tyrants and gods. He is the force of evidence.”

A few years ago I was involved in a lawsuit over some business dealings. The suit was brought against me; not the other way around. I am not litigious. I run from lawyers. At the hearing the case was promptly dismissed. The “evidence” against me was incorrect. Evidence, that which proves or disproves, must stand against evaluation.

Contrary to what seems the case here, I don’t wish to write about myself. I want to write myself. That being my “force of evidence.” Like the ancient Chinese examination where the candidate is told to write down all that he knows, I spill (spew?) forth everything I know, everything I have experienced and I sit back and study in the hope to learn from the exercise. I throw the tea leaves on the table, squint my eyes and sigh. I filter for the evidence.

I walked behind a woman on the street a few evenings ago. At every store front she turned to the glass and glanced at her reflection. It seemed a reflex, an unconscious motion, and made me wonder at how we search for evidence of ourselves, how we constantly seek that sense of being, that force, without even knowing it. Vico said that man can only understand what he makes.  I am not so clever as to construct a tale exploring the notions put forth here. I have a critic’s love for ideas and accept the limitations I’ve been dealt.