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This just in…

In Mythology, Philosophy, The Examined Life, Wisdom on July 15, 2010 at 12:50 pm

…from Pythia, the goddess oracle at Delphi:

“Look into yourself, know yourself, keep to yourself; bring back your mind and your will, which are spending themselves elsewhere, into themselves. You are running out, you are scattering yourself; concentrate yourself, resist yourself; you are being betrayed, dispersed, and stolen away from  yourself. Do you not see that this world keeps its sight all concentrated  inward and its eyes open to contemplate itself? It is always vanity for you, within and without; but it is less vanity when it is less extensive. Except for you, O man, each thing studies itself first, and, according to its needs, has limits to its labors and desires. There is not a single thing as empty and needy as you, who embrace the universe: you are the investigator without knowledge, the magistrate without jurisdiction, and all in all, the fool of the farce. “

Well then. Three thousand years later, Thank you, Pythia. I’m working on it…still…honest.