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A Footnote

In The Examined Life on March 15, 2013 at 4:00 pm

Tribe member and “…house…” reader Pat commented on the morning post, The Practice of Discovery, and offered a quote that makes a nice compliment to the post. The writer is Ken Gire. I thought you might appreciate it.

“Shaped from something of earth and something of heaven, we were torn between two worlds. A part of us wanted to hide. A part of us wanted to search. With half-remember words still legible in our hearts and faintly sketched images still visible in our souls, some of us stepped out of hiding and started our search.

Though we hardly knew it.

We painted to see if what was lost was in the picture. We composed to hear if what was lost was in the music. We sculpted to find if what was lost was in the stone. We wrote to discover if what was lost was in the story.

Through art and music and stories we searched for what was missing from our lives.

Though at times we hardly knew it. Thought at times we could hardly keep from knowing it.”

Thanks, Pat.