Doug Bruns

“Pay attention…stay eager.”

In Life, The Examined Life on April 17, 2013 at 6:00 am

#1.) I bow before the zen master: “My name is Doug and non-distraction is my practice.” Or so my imagination plays. It seems to me that if one were the master of non-distraction one would be the master of everything. I do not believe in “multi-tasking” and maybe I have said as much previously. But it warrants saying again. Refine your focus, concentrate, do one thing well at a time. “Concentration is the secret of strength,” said Emerson. Be strong.

* * *

#2) My absence (here at the “…house…”) cannot be well explained. Something is afoot, a sea change. I’ve observed this phenomeon before and when it happens, this shift, everything gets exciting and boring simultaneously, if you can image such a thing. I had a (sort of) vision a few days ago–I know, a vision!–and in it a massive mud-caked bubble burst through the earth’s core and exploded. And when this happened I realized the limitless continuity of all things….

This is not my given way of explaining things and appears squishy and unseemly–but I said that something is afoot.

* * *

1 + 2 = Susan Sontag:

“Pay attention. It’s all about paying attention. Attention is vitality. It connects you with others. It makes you eager. Stay eager.”

  1. Good to hear from the House. I don’t know what the exciting/boring thing is either, if u find a cure please let me in on it.

  2. Coincidentally (or not) my yoga teacher just sent out a message:

    “Is it just me or has anyone else been experiencing unexpected shifts and changes? A feeling of being hyped up, gearing to go but also a little up in the air?”

    She did some research and discovered the wood element awakens in spring. Energy of a new beginning, growth, vision of a new cycle.

    Her conclusion: Awaken the gall bladder and liver meridian lines, both governed by the energy of wood.

    Perhaps all we need is to stretch out our gall bladders and then have a vodka? Happy Spring to you.

    • This is most interesting. I am not sure how one goes about awakening the gall bladder. I don’t even know what a gall bladder is. I try to awaken the liver consistently every evening with ample quantities of Maker’s Mark, but an unsure if the meridian lines are also effected, for better or worse. As to the energy of wood, the awakening of wood, I will resist the temptation, though so wonderfully inviting, to pun.

      This is a most unique observation. Thanks for sharing.

      • I appreciate it. I stopped going to yoga a year back, i should go back but until then I will try some Vodka.

      • Kevin, since you are a yoga practitioner, I will share that “threading the needle” is a recommended pose for gall bladder health. You know the one…on hands and knees. Then one shoulder comes to the earth, with butt in the air, and arm sweeps across to thread through the other. If you place a properly chilled martini just beyond the reaching hand, you can probably get an additional stretch and then reward yourself and your liver. Namaste.

  3. The resources of “…the house…” are so deep, so rich, and so plentiful–one can only sit back and be grateful. Indeed, I think I will reward myself right now. Liver watch out!

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