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Self-improvement types

In Family, Life, Memoir, The Examined Life on July 17, 2010 at 8:01 am
The Twisted Double Helix

The Twisted Double Helix

I have a friend who once labeled me as one of those “self-improvement types.” At the time, I was studying a book of grammar and thought his comment odd. Didn’t everyone want to improve? I was lacking in that department and needed to brush up. Wanting to improve and being hell-bent on addressing any apprehension of, accurate or otherwise, a shortcoming is a fine distinction–one that alludes me still. My clan did not read. And so I read. They did not exercise. And so I exercise. My clan did not travel. And so I travel. My clan did not–and so I do. I am an affront to my twisted double-helix. What can one possibly make of such a zealous effort at overcompensation?

  1. Evolution in fast-forward?

  2. I’ve got to tell you about my “theory of overcompensation.” Dyslexic writers, photographers with vision problems, broadcasters with speech defects, etc. Do you see a pattern? —JM

    • The gap between a theory and a fact closes in proportion to one’s relative distance to being the subject of the theory. That’s the theory of Doug.

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