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Mind Uploading

In Technology on August 17, 2010 at 6:13 am

I boot up, therefore I am? Would a digitized version of your consciousness be you? Consider the quote below from a current BBC article, The Cult of Less:

“The concept is called “mind uploading”, and it suggests that when our bodies age and begin to fail like a worn or snapped record, we may be able to continue living consciously inside a computer as our own virtual substitutes.

‘It’s the idea that we can copy or transfer the information inside the brain into a form that can be run on the computer,’ said Dr Sandberg.

He added: ‘That would mean that your consciousness or a combination of that would continue in the computer.’

Dr Sandberg says although it’s just a theory now, researchers and engineers are working on super computers that could one day handle a map of all the networks of neurons and synapses in our brains – and that map could produce human consciousness outside of the body.

He says if a complete map of our brains was uploaded to a computer and a conscious, digital replica of ourselves was created, we could, in theory, continue to live forever on a hard drive along with our MP3s and e-books”

I confess to being very drawn to this notion. I could exist in the cloud, a fashion of technological angel, sans wings and halo.