Doug Bruns

The Neuro-Chemical Thing

In Writing on March 19, 2013 at 6:00 am

I’m having a hell of a time here today. Everything rings false–except this sentence.

Brad Listi, the editor of The Nervous Breakdown (where I used to contribute), commenting on one of my essays once said,

“the internet is hell on writing in a lot of ways….[it] has neuro-chemical implications that haven’t been totally quantified yet.”

I think I am having a neuro-chemical writing breakdown today. I am certain it has nothing to do with (all) the Irish whisky I drank last night with friends, Susan and Harry. Certain. Damn good stuff that, though.

Let’s leave it at that. Perhaps the neuro-chemical balance thing will self-rectify soon.

I welcome your comments. Thanks for reading.

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