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In Wisdom on September 8, 2012 at 6:00 am

John Cage score.

I had to read and think on this a while; it is simple yet not simple, a sort of yin and yang of a thought, a binary, on off, notion by the avant garde composer John Cage. Take a moment to consider:

“The important questions are answered by not liking only but disliking and accepting equally what one likes and dislikes. Otherwise there is no access to the dark night of the soul.”

Cage is a student of Zen, that should be obvious. And if you’ve ever listened to his music you might appreciate accepting that which is liked as well as that which is not.

Have a nice weekend. I am back from Colorado on Tuesday and hope to have something to report. However, home only a day, I head north into the woods to brush up on my skills before taking the Maine guide test on the 20th.

Thanks for reading.

  1. I heard a fascinating report on Cage’s work on NPR, including the piece where the pianist just sat at the piano for 4 and a fraction minutes. The only sounds were the sounds of the environment of the concert hall. He studied, among other things, the absence of sound.

    At Harvard there is a totally sound-proof room which he visited to explore the sound-less experience. After his session, he told the studio engineer that the room was not without sound. He could hear two tones, one high-pitched and the other lower. The engineer explained that the high pitched sound was Cage’s nervous system operating and the low sound was the circulating of his blood. Whoa!

    Safe travels and good luck with the Maine Guide endeavor.

    • What an amazing and interesting story on Cage. Can you imagine being so very tuned into your vision, able to listen to clearly to one’s muse. There must be such joy–or perhaps the opposite of–to that, no? My goodness.

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