Doug Bruns

Gentlemen of Baltimore, Warren

In Life, Photography on July 11, 2012 at 6:00 am

Warren, Age: 45

Warren was the first man I interviewed when I began the project. I remember being apprehensive and cautious. Warren addressed me as Sir, was polite and considerate. His story was a hard one and I immediately knew that these stories had a human value I had not anticipated.

Warren could not remember how long he had been homeless. He thought it was twenty or maybe twenty-five years. “The druggies and drunks make it a problem for me, a clean straight guy.” He kept posing for my camera, stepping back and smiling. He apologized if I took a picture and he had not smiled. “I’m lucky if I make five dollars a day in winter.” He was panhandling on Conway Street. He told me that his mother was ill and that she lived with his adult son. “My ma got cancer real bad, real bad. My dad passed away years ago.” He said it was hard to talk about and stopped talking for some time, looking away. That is when I took this portrait.

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