Doug Bruns


In Life on June 6, 2012 at 6:00 am

Michael, age: 43

Another profile in my project, The Gentlemen of Baltmore. (The backstory can be found here.)

Michael sat on a bench, alone, in a park. It was the day before Thanksgiving. He has been homeless for two years, since he got divorced and “took up drinking and drugging.” He had been locked up and when he got out he discovered that his wife had thrown out everything of his and filed for divorce. His goal now is to get identification. “She threw out my social security card, my birth certificate, everything. I can’t get a job without identification.” He took responsibility, however, for the mess he was in. He confessed that he got into stuff he should not have, drugs specifically. “It is hard. Sometimes you just need something to take your mind away from all this. Trouble is, it’s still here when you wake up.”

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