Doug Bruns

Note from Pisang, Nepal

In Adventure, Travel on May 15, 2012 at 3:50 am

We travel to lower Pisang from Chame, from 7119 to 10,465. It is not a hard day, though the air is getting obviously thinner. We catch our first glimpse of the Annapurnas, number three of the range of four. This is why we came and we ponder the black rock draped in snow looming overhead.

At Pisang, Tim and I stow our gear and cross the river to climb another thousand feet to a remote4 monastery on the side of the mountain. Scott has been having difficulty and stays behind to rest.

Despite a full day we are energized by the climb. In front of the monastery we turn and take in the view from eleven thousand feet. We are looking into and up at the Annapurnas. We stand in silence. Prayer flags flap in every direction. A monk invites us in and offers us tea.

The monastery is splendid. The iconography is fresh and brilliant. Buddha is gold–and smiling, of course. We sit against the wall quietly and sip our tea. I am reminded of the monasteries I visited in Tibet, where the statues have been removed and melted down by the occupying Chinese. The ancient iconography destroyed and the frescos scrapped off. One doesn’t appreciate the level of destruction that has occurred in Tibet until a visit is paid to a working monastery elsewhere.

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