Doug Bruns

From Danaque, Nepal

In Adventure, Travel, Writing on May 10, 2012 at 6:00 am

The weather has been hot. Yesterday, breaking for lunch in the village of Jaget, the thermometer on my pack read 100 degrees. In the shade it dropped to ninety. The sun is relentless and we struggle against it more than we struggle against the terrian.

Today is better. We climbed from 4625 feet to 7217, where coolness resides. It was a good day and this evening the temp has dropped to sixty-five and will likely drop another twenty degrees after sunset. We will use our bags tonight. We are happy.

In five days we reach the highest point of the adventure, the Thorang Phedi pass. Everyone asks if we’re ready for the Thorang Phedi pass. The elevation is 17,700. No doubt memories of heat will have long left us. I suspect we will be thinking about other things, like oxygen. We will be ready.

We are all moving well, even this old man. Tim picked up something and has had the shits, a miserable thing on the trail. We are careful about food andwater, but sometimes things happen. Scott’s challenges are less immediate and more fundamental to first-time travel: the food, the new smells, the people and their customs. Four night ago at the house of our hosts in Kathmandu, he excused himself from the table in a rush and got sick. Last night as we bunked down in Chamje, he said: “Uncle Doug, what do you do about homesickness?” But today on the trail he moved with spirit and declared, “I am loving this.”

We are out of whisky and will restock in two days in the town of Chame. Beyond that we have no concerns.


Posted May 9, 2012, from Chame.

  1. Hugs go to Scott through the energy waves (which must be highly charged in Nepal).

    You have strong incentive to make it through the next two days. Once the whiskey-goal is achieved I hope it will help soothe Tim’s troubled track. Sounds like you are all taking care of each other. Dogspeed to all!

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