Doug Bruns

Gentlemen of Baltimore: Nyster

In Dogs, Photography, Writing on May 8, 2012 at 6:00 am

As promised previously, here is another story from my project, The Gentlemen of Baltimore.

Nyster, age: 44

Nyster had a dog with him. The dog’s name was Oscar and had been his companion for twelve years. “She’s a medical alert dog,” he told me. I noticed a large attachment to her collar, a red shield with a white medical cross. “I have grand mal seizures, petit mal….” He continued to list his maladies. He said living on the street was difficult, but he managed, even with his health problems. The other challenges of the street were more troublesome. “The last time I was robbed was for $7.68,” he said. As we sat he appealed to passers-by for food for Oscar. “She keeps me out of the shelters,” he said, “not allowed.” He patted her. “But she’s a good dog.”

On August 7th the Baltimore Sun carried a story about Nester. Someone had stolen Oscar.

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