Doug Bruns

…damn ellipsis…

In Writing on April 16, 2012 at 4:08 pm

A little attention goes a long way, thank you very much.

Last week was a record for visitors to …the house I live in…. (Can anyone tell me how to end a sentence after an ellipsis? Four dots? It looks so unsettled…so unfinished.) Over six hundred folks stopped in. And last month, March, was a record month with over fifteen hundred visitors. By way of comparison, these are increases of over 60 percent in the last couple months. I am humbled. Imagine, fifteen-hundred people queueing up to read these musings. Go figure.

The numbers are modest as measured against big and important blogs. The blog-a-sphere (now there is hyphenated-form compound word for modern times) is full of good blogs. Most of them have a theme. They have a purpose, a raison d’être. The guy sitting at his desk pounding out whatever crosses his purview and practicing the fine art of self-indulgence doesn’t get much of an audience. I know. I’ve been doing this several years. March of last year I had a thousand fewer visitors.

What to make of this? I do not know. I like my ruminations. And I like ruminating. (Okay, with that second usage I had to grab my dictionary–American Heritage Dictionary, Third Edition (I have the fifth edition loaded on my iPad, but really, you just can’t beat a four pound book in the hand). Ruminate comes from the latin word for throat. (Another aside, did any one else see the online contest–can’t remember where–to determine what is the best language learn? Latin won.) As I was saying, throat, into which the beast regurgitates cud to chew again…and again.) We were considering my ruminations.

Apparently there are more than few folks given to some form of self-flagellation by which they find satisfaction here. How else to explain it? I appreciate it. Very much. I press my palms together and bow in your direction.


Since I’m on the subject of housekeeping, I wish to apologize to the email subscribers to “house.” Two days ago I composed a post on my iPad. It was an experiment to see how that device measures up in a pinch. I published before finishing up properly. There were still dust bunnies under the bed and I hadn’t emptied the trash. (Lots of typos.) The final edition was cleaned up nice and tidy, but what went out to the subscribers was not up to snuff. Sorry.

  1. ….no….

    Congratulations! We followers have such good taste.

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  3. And handsome and beautiful and intelligent too, Susan109. Nice avatar, btw.

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