Doug Bruns

“I must walk toward Oregon, and not toward Europe.”

In Books, Dogs, Writers, Writing on December 28, 2010 at 8:21 pm

“…Oregon, and not toward Europe.” That is Henry David Thoreau in his famous “Walking” essay. He is, of course, speaking metaphorically and thinking like an American in America. It is my mantra for the new year. I am with a single exception, going to regulate my reading to American writers only. The single exception? Montaigne. I told a friend at dinner last night, “Some people read the Bible every day. I read Montaigne.” So, 2011 will bring me more Thoreau, Emerson, Mencken and so on and so on. And one Frenchman.


I am retiring my blog indefinitely. I am retiring indefinitely. I am retiring. I am. I….


My energies go into my book effort, working title: Notes of an Autodidact, a memoir of ideas.


It has been two weeks since Maggie died. I am lost still…

  1. New exhibit at the Museum titled “Weston: Leaves of Grass”…a collection of photos which “like Whitman’s poems draw us into history…landscape…people.” Sounds like it is on topic for contemplation in the new year. Also, Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky speaks, among other things, of his admiration for Walt Whitman on Monday, March 7 at 6 p.m. H&I are planning on it if you and C want to walk up together.

    Sad to hear of your blog retirement. I was not much of a participant as I would always think of how I wanted to respond when far away from computer. However, I always enjoyed seeing an update of your thoughts and musings. Good luck with book project.

    On your enthusiastic recommendation, I am about to begin Bakewell’s “How to Live…” I too could use a bit of French bible-study each day.

    My continued sympathies go to you on the loss of your beloved Maggie. S.

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