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Odds and Ends…

In Creativity, The infinity of ideas, Uncategorized, Writers on October 20, 2010 at 9:18 am

Observed on the corner of Fore and Exchange: An older woman leaning into a younger woman. The older woman asks, “Are you going to return the ring?” The young woman relies: “Hell no. I’m putting it on eBay.”

* * *

Graffiti spotted on the Eastern Prom: “Got a thought?” And in that vein, I love the scene early in the movie, The Social Network, where Mark Zuckerberg (Jessie Eisenberg) sits down at the desk in his dorm room and says to himself, “I need an idea.”

* * *

Moleskine note: an idea has no meaning until you do something with it.

* * *

Quote of Roland Barthes: “What literature is: that I cannot read without pain, without choking on truth.”

* * *

Factoid: On average, every two weeks one of the world’s recorded 7000 languages becomes extinct.

* * *

Darwin did not write “survival of the strongest.” He wrote of the “survival of the most adaptable.”

* * *

Quote, The New York Times: “We have surrendered our independence to a technology we cannot master.”

* * *

And lastly, please consider my review of the new biography of Montaigne, How to Live, linked here (MostelyFictiondotcom).

  1. Thanks for introduction to a book I would not otherwise have noticed including the description of your long-term relationship with this wise friend.

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