Doug Bruns

Lagging…falling off

In Writing on September 14, 2010 at 1:12 pm

My posts are lagging. Frequency is falling off.

The problem : the blog is the lowest wrung on the writing-energy/time ladder. I’ve mentioned previously that I’m working on a book. That is number #1. Then I have the essays I am (for whatever reason!) given to composing and finding homes* for them. That is number #2. Research is next and absorbs most everything else: attention, time, energy. This is not a death of the blog announcement, though…maybe. (No, death is too strong a word, a bad metaphor. I’ll get back to you on that…)

Writing schedule, for anyone interested: 500 words a day. That’s about one page. Write five days a week for a year and you’ve got a stack of papers 260 pages thick, give or take.


* homes for essays: The Millions, The Nervous Breakdown, Obscura Press. Please check these sites (or RSS subscribe) if you’d like to follow my more developed ramblings. (A new essay went up last week at TNB: Death of a Genre.)

  1. Doug, you should use this blog to let us know where/when you post an essay. We won’t expect any more from you than that!

    By, the way, I did post your review of FAME by Daniel Kehlmann yesterday:

    Good luck with the page a day!

  2. Au contraire. I do not notice lagging posts or frequency falls because I always have trouble keeping up. By the time I am ready to respond to a post, three new ones are up and I feel out of date. (Like I am still thinking about favorite first lines. When was that? Last July?) So I find your blog energy to be high especially in view of your other priorities.

    Thanks for the cites to essays. At least keep your laggard fans posted to those.

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