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Friday Moleskine notes

In Literature, Philosophy, Photography on June 11, 2010 at 8:54 am
Journals & Notebooks, but mostly Moleskines

Journals & Notebooks, but mostly Moleskines

“Philosophy [is] the explanation of how something is possible.” ~ Robert Nozick

* * *

I am more interested in the possible than the true.

* * *

Heard on Exchange Street yesterday:

Man #1: “You gonna stay with her when she’s in prison?”

Man #2: “No freak’n way.”

* * *

“What James most admired most in Emerson was the incorruptible way in which he followed his own vocation; and he vowed to do the same himself.” Richardson writing on Wm. James.

* * *

“Ideas rule the world, or throw it into chaos.” ~ Auguste Comte

* * *

“It is the very difficulty of the effort which produces the satisfaction.” ~ Magnum photographer, David Hurn.

* * *

Respect the subject matter!

  1. Food for thought…sometimes quotes are good.

    • I confess to being a sucker for a good quote. Most of my journal entries are quotes or lines lifted from someplace or other. A lot of them find their way into my posts, many of them are just springboards for notions and thoughts. I agree, they are good. They can act like a prose exclamation point. I’m just wary of them because so many people use them instead of actually writing their own thoughts.
      Thanks for the comment.

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