Doug Bruns


In Life on March 18, 2010 at 5:59 pm

Street observations:

Overheard: (6:41pm – I looked at my iPhone), woman crossing Commercial Street, talking into her phone: “So, you’re being laid off?”

Observed: (About noon-thirty), Young man embracing young woman in front of Nickelodeon Theater. Young woman’s arms hanging limply. Young man saying, “But I am breaking up with Rachel.”

Exchanged: Norma is homeless and sits on a stoop on Exchange Street. I stop and give her two dollars. We exchange pleasantries. I touch my forehead and bow ever-so-slightly and say goodbye.  A man, coming up the street, observing us, passes me and says: “Peace in the valley.” I turn to him and repeat: “Peace in the valley.”

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