Doug Bruns

The Polar Express

In Life, Memoir on January 13, 2010 at 7:21 pm

The Polar Express, Eastern Prom, December 23, 2009

Do you see the expression on this child’s face. When did we lose that?

Christmas came and went this year, and how. It was weird. Carole and I traveled to Maryland for Christmas. It was the first time in, god, how many years?, the first time in probably thirty years that we were not in Maryland surrounded by kids and family, a Christmas tree, decorations, maybe a party. Instead, on Christmas morning we woke up in an empty house. Empty. Except for a bed and two sofas. No kids. No fire in the fireplace. No tree. Nada. And you know what? It was ┬ánice. It was a Christmas without. Without all the stuff. Without presents even. Instead we went to Aunt Jane’s and we surrounded ourselves with family. It was a wonderful.

Do you see the expression in the child’s face, looking at me, the photographer standing outside in ten degree weather trying to get the shot? So, what is the kid thinking? Gee, look at that guy taking our picture? Or. Gee, I’m so excited, the Polar Express, the smell of cider in the train car, mom and dad laughing, Santa getting ready? I hope the latter.

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