Doug Bruns


Greetings. Last Spring (May, 2016) Carole and I hooked up our 28′ Airstream International to our truck and pulled away from home in Portland, Maine. Our condo in the Old Port is rented–a one year lease with two six month extensions, ensuring that we’ll be traveling for at least a year. Our non-critical belongings have been put into storage, after months of purging and culling. Everything else, including our beloved companion, Lucy, is with us.

We’ve seen a lot of the world. I have traveled on five continents, Carole four. Though not an entirely clean slate, North America, coast to coast, is largely unknown to us, especially the West. We are modern nomads, pursuing our curiosity, exploring the roads and by-ways. We have no agenda, no specific route. We practice slow travel, and engaged curiosity. Please join us, we’d appreciate the company!

I welcome your comments. Thanks for reading.

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